There are 2 categories of memberships:

Full Member

Any body corporate or organization who wishes to create/transfer bill of lading or other trade title document through e-title™ Application which is owned by an Application Service Provider shall be eligible to be a Full Member. The Full member will also have to execute and becomes a party to the Electronic Title User Agreement.

To join: Application Service Provider. Click here.

Annual Service Fee: US$480**

Associate Member

Any body corporate, firm or organization carrying on business in trade finance, insurance or any other business related to the international trade finance shall be eligible to become an Associate Member. The associate member shall not execute the Electronic Title User Agreement.

• For Application Form, Click here

• Annual Service Fee: US$380**

** Prices may subject to prevailing tax

How To Join?

For Full Membership, you can choose to sign up when you subscribe to e-title™ services at the respective operators near you.

For Associate Membership, you can join by sending us a request for application form at


To get a copy of the User Agreement or Terms and Conditions, please contact us.

By reading on the internet or down loading a copy of the Electronic Title User Group Agreement or Electronic Title User Group Terms of Membership, you undertake not to use the terms of these two documents for any purpose other than relating to your membership or possible membership of the Electronic Title User Group. If you use the terms for any other purpose, you agree by reading or by downloading either of these two documents to defend, indemnify and hold harmless E-Title Authority Pte Ltd and Electronic Title User Group Limited for any liability or financial loss arising from such use for another purpose.